n. & v.
1 a a class of things or persons having common characteristics. b a kind or sort (would like a different type of car).
2 a person, thing, or event serving as an illustration, symbol, or characteristic specimen of another, or of a class.
3 (in comb.) made of, resembling, or functioning as (ceramic-type material; Cheddar-type cheese).
4 colloq. a person, esp. of a specified character (is rather a quiet type; is not really my type).
5 an object, conception, or work of art serving as a model for subsequent artists.
6 Printing a a piece of metal etc. with a raised letter or character on its upper surface for use in printing. b a kind or size of such pieces (printed in large type). c a set or supply of these (ran short of type).
7 a device on either side of a medal or coin.
8 Theol. a foreshadowing in the Old Testament of a person or event of the Christian dispensation.
9 Biol. an organism having or chosen as having the essential characteristics of its group and giving its name to the next highest group.
1 tr. be a type or example of.
2 tr. & intr. write with a typewriter.
3 tr. esp. Biol. & Med. assign to a type; classify.
4 tr. = TYPECAST.
Phrases and idioms:
in type Printing composed and ready for printing. type-founder a designer and maker of metal types. type-foundry a foundry where type is made. type-metal Printing an alloy of lead etc., used for casting printing-types. type site Archaeol. a site where objects regarded as defining the characteristics of a period etc. are found. type specimen Biol. the specimen used for naming and describing a new species.
typal adj.
Etymology: ME f. F type or L typus f. Gk tupos impression, figure, type, f. tupto strike

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